Each year more than 3,000 are baptized into the church as a result of the work of Pastor Musa Mitekaro, and students he teaches from the
University of Arusha, more than 700 miles from the Kigoma Region where Mama Twing served. Using a Toyota Land Cruiser, funded through Twing Memorial Projects, Musa took students from the school out into the bush to preach. Now as ministerial director he works with all the Tanzania pastors and those who come from the United States and other countries.

   In 2007 lay people were given some new evangelistic tools through the New Beginnings project funded by Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI), in cooperation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The group leader was Viorel Catarama, ASI Vice President for evangelism, along with Rachel (Twing) Terwillegar from the Illinois Conference; Randal Terwillegar, Curtis and Carol Frembling from Ft. Worth, Texas, and Mama Twing’s granddaughter, Tammy Twing Pannekoek from Sydney, Australia.
  Lay people were given portable DVD players and New Beginnings DVD, as well as a CD recording, entitled “Blessed” by Tammy Pannekoek, soprano.  After a two-day training session and dedication service, these lay people were sent back to their home regions in all areas of Tanzania to do evangelism -- meetings in the community or in their homes.  The numbers of those who have been blessed by this ministry have been beyond imagination as reported annually by the original 300 laypeople.
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Musa Mitekaro continues to work with students in evangelism throughout the country of Tanzania.  In his work he has access to a Toyota Land Cruiser.  Twing Memorial Ministries support 12 laymen with a modest salary and provides diesel fuel, repair and upkeep of the vehicle.  Click here to view photos of Pastor Mitekaro conducting evangelistic meetings.

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