Heri Mission Hospital

Their first rotation to mission service was to Heri Mission Hospital. One hundred bed Heri Mission Hospital is located in an area of Tanzania one mile high and 200 miles from the equator. No more than 80 degrees during the day and no lower than 50 degrees at night, the climate was ideal. The people were terrific, but the needs were so great! It would be very difficult to leave at the end of their six months.


Faithful Friend

Learning of their desire for permanent mission appointment, a friend, Mrs. Myrtle Pohle from Phoenix, Arizona, offered to help. She contacted all who had loaned the Twings money for medical school.

“Would you consider forgiving Dr. Twing’s debt?” she asked each one, "if they serve the church as missionaries in Africa?" With such an earnest request, how could anyone refuse. Grateful the door had opened for permanent mission service, the Twings returned to the States to prepare for permanent return to Africa.

Return to Africa

Excited they were returning to Africa, the Twings sold everything they could so they could get an airplane. It was an absolute necessity. Bob Seamount of the Voice of Prophecy, along with Dale Tillay, a pilot from Walla Walla, Washington flew the plane from Portland, Oregon to Africa.

Coming to a full stop within 100 yards from the hospital on a newly constructed air strip, the crew had difficulty getting out of the plane. They were immediately surrounded by a throng of people, some of whom had never seen an airplane before.

Kigoma was the nearest town to Heri Mission Hospital, one of the most remote mission posts operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Although Kigoma was only 40 miles away, the rain soaked road, not much more than a cow path, made the trip next to impossible, taking as much as two or more hours. It was precisely these conditions that led Dr. Twing to purchase the airplane for use in his work. He was responsible for 30 dispensaries and clinics throughout Tanzania on roads in no better condition than the one leading to Kigoma.

  To Serve in Africa Forever

This was the work he wanted to do, forever. Dr. Twing enjoyed each day more than the day before. There was so much to do. One day he was scheduled to attend some meetings many hours away from the hospital. Click here for the “The Rest of His Story.”