Dream of Mission Service

A physical therapist, over 30 years of age, Dr. Twing desperately wanted to serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a missionary. They had no need for physical therapists in mission service at the time. He knew he could serve as a missionary if he was a medical doctor.

 Medical School

Unable to get into medical school in the United States because of his age, Dr. Twing was accepted at the University of De Autonoma, Guadalajara, Mexico. He had to study doubly hard, learning a foreign language, and the rudiments of medicine.

It had been a sacrifice for James and Ethel while he studied in Mexico. One by one, their children, Alan, Bruce, and Sylvia were sent to a boarding school in the United States. Expenses of medical school, boarding school and academy mounted. By the time he finished school in 1963, huge loans had accumulated. It seemed like the dream of mission service would not be fulfilled for quite some time as plans were made to pay off this debt.

Medical Practice

After completing a residency in Mexico, and two years volunteer service required by the Mexican government, and a residency in the United States, Dr. Twing was invited to join the Lake Orion Medical Group in Lake Orion, Michigan. The neat thing about this group was that all three doctors received full salary, while one rotated for six months in mission service. So, Dr. Twing had the best of both worlds, a salary so he could repay his loans, and an opportunity to serve.  His turn to rotate into mission service came up quite quickly after he started practicing with the group.