The following are .wmv AND .mp4 video files. You should be able to play them on Windows and MAC equipment.


  • This is a rather large file, but worth downloading. It starts out with our drive up from Heri Mission Hospital to Twing Memorial School, and the response of more than 200 Twing Memorial School children who were waiting for our vehicle to arrive. File Format: .WMV      .MP4
  • Ride along with us on the bumpy, rain soaked road for just a little while. File Format: .WMV      .MP4
  • In Swahili, Tammy Pannekoek tried to tell the children to sing faster, faster. We repeated what she had said after watching the video - "Oh no, I didn't say that, did I?" was her response. "It means slower, slower. No wonder the children were confused." File Format: .WMV      .MP4
  • In this video there were 10 or more trucks stuck in the middle of the road. We passed them on the left side so we could journey on to our destination. File Format: .WMV     .MP4
  • Viorel Catarama conducts a commitment service before lay people are given their DVD players and New Beginnings lessons. File Format: .WMV      .MP4
  • Several lay people were concerned a woman was present for the training session (men only usually do this type of work). Pastor Mitekaro assured them it was okay for a woman to preach by recounting how Jesus commanded a Samaritan woman to go tell others about what He had done for her. File Format: .WMV      .MP4
  • We'll never forget the sweet sounds of the lay people singing in Swahili. File Format: .WMV      .MP4
  • We brought with us a sound system so our daughter, Tammy Pannekoek, would sound special. The African lay people really enjoyed her singing. Needless to say, we did, too! We were glad we bought the sound system. The church's sound system had been stolen the week before. Now Pastor Mitekaro has a system he can plug into his Toyota Land Cruiser, along with his laptop computer, and video projector. File Format: .WMV      .MP4