Ethel Twing, RN

Back to School

An LPN before her husband’s death, Ethel learned that if she was to return to Africa, the church preferred to have RNs in service. They agreed to support her while she finished necessary course work to become an RN. Enrolling at Walla Walla Community College seemed the best course for her to take so she could get back to Africa before too long. So, enroll she did. Probably one of the older students, Ethel struggled . . . and graduated with honors.

After graduation she studied, and studied, and studied. She passed her State boards on the first try.

The Official Call

The official call from the church came . . . this time it was in her name, with her credentials. Ethel did not go to Africa to be just a nurse working on a ward in the hospital. Before she left the United States she had enough funds on hand to start building the Twing Memorial Medical Clinic in Kigoma.

  Educating African Young People

Since her husband’s death, Ethel has served first as a nurse at Heri Hospital, then as a coordinator of pastors’ training and evangelism. Since 1972 with the support of friends all over the world, Ethel, affectionately known by her by her African family as MAMA TWING, has educated over 100 young people.

The first step in the process by which a student received sponsorship involved an internship in Mama Twing’s home. There she was able to study their personal characteristics to determine if they would apply themselves in school with honesty and integrity. Then they would work selling books and literature in Africa and European countries to earn a portion of their tuition.

Click on each name below to read each story of the many students who have worked for her, studied with her, and have lived in her home. (Please click here for a PHOTO ALBUM of many of those Mama Twing has educated.) As the stories of individual students are available you will find them here.